Return Your Dishwasher To Top Condition

  1. Often we are so concerned with the cleanliness of our dishes that we tend to neglect the need for the dishwasher itself to be given a good scrub.
  2. And a neglected dishwasher can have some nasty results like describes:
  3. “Tiny bits of food, grease and soap scum can cling together and get deposited in corners of the dishwasher. After a time, they can not only make your dishwasher look and smell bad…but decrease its’ efficiency.”
  4. So here’s a simple and effective way to give your dishwasher the overhaul needed to avoid a bad situation.
  5. First pull the bottom rack out and examine the drain area and make sure there are no hard chunks that can plug the drain, cause damage to the pump or scratch dishes. You’d be surprised at what gunk can collect.
  6. Then place a dishwasher-safe cup filled with plain white vinegar on the top rack of the dishwasher. Using the hottest water available, run the dishwasher through a cycle with only the cup of vinegar in the dishwasher. 
  7. The vinegar will help to wash away the loose, greasy grime, sanitizes, and helps remove the musty odor
  8. Finally, after using the vinegar to sanitize the inside of the dishwasher, sprinkle a cup of baking soda around the bottom of the tub and run it through a short but complete cycle using the hottest water. 
  9. The baking soda will help freshen the smell of the dishwasher as well as brighten up the look of the inside of your appliance by removing stains.
  10. Be sure to give keep the outside in the same sparkling condition by wiping marks and stains off as they appear with a cloth dipped in warm water mixed with your trusty Handy Andy cream.
  11. For more great tips for cleaning and maintaining a happy home check out The Handy Andy Pocket Shop
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