Cleaning and Reusing Wax Candle Jars

  1. So your favourite candle is at its end but the real thing you are most upset about is having to depart with the lovely container.
  2. Well rather than dispose why not reuse?
  3. And here’s how you do it: 
  4. Place the old candle container with the residue wax in the freezer for a few hours.
  5. Then, using a dull knife, crack and remove the frozen wax.
  6. You can either throw away the left over wax or save it to create new candles.
  7. Peel off any labels that there may be.
  8. Clean off any remaining soot, wax and glue.
  9. Using a kitchen paper towel wipe the container with vinegar, baby oil, olive oil, or orange solvent. 
  10. Rinse out with soapy water and dry with paper towel.
  11. Now it’s ready to be reused for whatever your heart desires.
  12. Thanks for the tip
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