Put Your Own Charm into Your Coffee Table

  1. Just discovered this really charming coffee table that Tami created…
  2. and what is even better is that this craft enthusiast has provided a detailed description of the process she went through to achieve such a quir-key result.
  3. First you need to by a unfinished wooden table. Yes, the rough and un-varnished type. A crafters dream!
  4. Next using vinyl, cut out shapes that you wish to imprint and arrange them on the tabletop, Tami used keys but really you could do anything. Design it yourself or borrow inspiration from elsewhere. Nows your chance just get crazy creative!!
  5. Then, using sponge and paint (whatever colour), and dab away!
  6. After removing the vinyl the image reveals itself.
  7. You can then give it a light sanding just to give it that rustic edge that we love so much!
  8. Finally finish it off with a good varnishing, Tami used a cherry and walnut stain mix but feel free to experiment with whatever colour best suits your taste and home decor.
  9. In the end you can have a coffee table that is not only completely unique but completely your own.
  10. And what could be more valuable than that?!
  11. Thanks Tami
  12. For more great interesting DIY ideas and tips for the home check out The Handy Andy Pocket Shop
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