A Great Addition to Any Kitchen

  1. This may look like a kitchen that has everything right? 
  2. Well there is ONE vital ingredient that is missing … the people!
  3. Perfect kitchens aren’t supposed to look like they have come off the floor of IKEA but rather like they are really lived in. So here’s a great little DIY tip that can turn that an unapproachable kitchen into a living space buzzing with real creative human activity.
  4. Just have a look at what George did
  5. How cool is this!
  6. And here’s how he did it:
  7. 1. Cut a piece of masonite to size
  8. 2. Painted it with chalkboard paint
  9. 3. Screwed it into the side of the fridge with standard sheet metal screws
  10. That’s it!
  11. Not only does this blackboard canvas add some life into the kitchen but it’s perfect for jotting down any reminders or lists and, lets be honest, it’s way cooler than those annoying fridge magnets that just seem to collect and clutter!
  12. annakgustafson
    The annoying over direct mailer real estate agent came to my door with a fridge magnet. I said I was against the over harvesting of magnets
  13. For more great tips that’ll add some flare to your home check out The Handy Andy Pocket Shop
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