Extend the Life of Cut Flowers

  1. It’s only been a week since Mothers’ Day and I’m hearing the same story is all over twitter.
  2. _BetterThanYou
    The flowers that I bought my mom on mothers day are in my kitchen and dying. She doesn’t even know that I bought them. Haven’t seen her.
  3. So here’s a tip for Pat Barton on how you treat the stems to make those flowers last longer:
  4. 1. Remove all the bottom leaves as well as any damaged leaves and then cut the stem at an angle removing any part of the stem that may be turning white. 
  5. 2. Split the stems, except the woody or hallow stems, to about 1 centimetre from the bottom of the flower.
  6. 3. Immediately place the treated flowers in a vase filled with tepid water containing the flower feed that came with the flowers.
  7. The idea is to do this as soon after purchase as possible!
  8. Remember to keep the water in the vase topped up with clean water at all times and keep the flowers out of direct sunlight, heat and draughts.
  9. Also remove any dying leaves and flowers immediately (They emit a gas that can affect the heathy flowers).
  10. Here’s a great clip from Youtube demonstrating how easy this is to do.
  11. So the next time you buy flowers for somebody special then at least you will know that they will be appreciated for a long time.
  12. For more great tips check out The Handy Andy Pocket Shop
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