Conquering Teddy Mountain

  1. If your child is anything like my little sister then you will relate to this pile of teddies.
  2. Now, it’s lovely for them to have such a wide variety of teddies to choose from but more often than not there are only a few chosen cuddly favourites that your little one has for any given occasions.
  3. It is therefore often crucial that you have these cuddle buddies on hand to instantly subdue a crying crisis.
  4. Should you not, then frantically you feel as though you are rummaging through a mountain of teddies for the ONE, chosen cuddle bud.
  5. So here’s a helpful little hint.
  6. Use a velcro strip on the wall to place the cuddly favourites upon. 
  7. That way the next time your little one is in urgent need of their favourite their little cuddle buddy they will always be only an arms-length away.
  8. For more helpful hints around the home check out The Handy Andy Pocket Shop
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