A Simple Solution to a Sticky Label Problem

  1. O.K so my neighbour has once again kindly shared with us her wisdom.
  2. You know when you find that perfect little home addition in a quaint antique store nestled in some forgotten town on the back roads to your destination. 
  3. PKstig
    @HVMracing @simdesilvestro @IMS Depends on the road. Interstates = boring. Smaller roads – small town antique/coffee shops.
  4. You are so chuffed with your lucky find only to discover that this quaint little antique shop was ignorant enough to use a sticky label as a price tag…Arg!
  5. Now, you don’t want to whip out the scissors and start hacking and scrapping or pouring hot water over this delicate piece of wooden furniture. What to do?!
  6. So here’s the solution.
  7. Furniture polish…
  8. Yup! Just spray on some furniture polish and that stubborn sticky label will slide right off, saving your precious new homely addition the un-nerving torment. 
  9. This will work just as well on any other delicate items purchased.
  10. Thanks once again to my wise neighbour for the great tip. I will surely lend you a cup of brown sugar next time you require.
  11. For more great tips for in and around the home check out The Handy Andy Pocket Shop
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