An Instant Cure for Eye Stinging Culinary Mishaps

  1. It’s such an easy mistake to make.
  2. You are preparing BBQ sauce, slicing and dicing as you always do ever so diligently when, in a moment of absent mindedness, you rub your eyes after having handling the cayenne pepper, and  … OUCH! 
  3. elise_ling
    Ouch just got pepper in my eye, sure that isn’t going to help with my whole red eye situation
  4. You try to rub it out with a tea towel but that only makes it worse!
  5. That, combined with the frustration of knowing that the pain is self induced, makes this really one of the most excruciating experiences!
  6. The cure?
  7. Place some sliced cucumber on your eyes (yes, all spa-like). 
  8. After a few minutes you will slowly start feeling the sweet soothing relief from the agonizing pain. Plus, it is really good for removing dark rings around your eyes. (win-win)
  9. For more helpful hints check out The Handy Andy Pocket Shop
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