Blood Stains? … pft … No Sweat

  1. KrystenOcasioHS
    Blood stains are one of the biggest household laundry challenges. Once the stain has set it can be almost imposs…
  2. Amen to that Krysten! 
  3. So here’s some great tips to help make those steadfast stains disappear.
  4. For a more environmentally friendly solution Pat Barton advises us:
  5. “On washable, sponge the stain with cold salted water, then soak and wash the garment with biological detergent.”
  6. “On non-washable, sponge the stain with ammonia solution (15 millilitres ammonia to 500 millilitres water)”
  7. For more helpful home care hints check out The Handy Andy Pocket Shop
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