A Simple Solution to a Sticky Problem

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  2. Sticking wooden drawers can be such a nuisance and sometimes, judging by some of the stories on twitter, even quite hazardous
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    2 Of the drawers on my dresser are completely stuck shut…..COOL
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    Drawer is stuck and my exam file is inside.
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    Just crushed my finger opening the stupid drawer that was stuck for my sister ouch <
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    The medicine I need is in my night stand and my drawer is stuck! -___-
  7. So today’s quick tip comes from my neighbor, who is just a bundle of helpful hints around the household.
  8. To stop these wooden drawers from sticking simply rub candle wax onto the area causing the jam, which in most cases is the top and sides of each the sidewalls that run along and through the wooden rails.
  9. Check out this short clip from Youtube with a couple more solutions that’ll get your drawers out of a jam.
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    How to Fix a Stuck Drawer
  11. For more household hints check out The Handy Andy Pocket Shop
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