The Linen Closet Solution

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  2. Today’s tip is about organisation and aesthetic.
  3. Linen closets can really be the bane of a home care giver’s existence. I’m mean it takes enough effort just to keep what’s in immediate view in the home uncluttered and tidy; Then, after a full days workload, you decide to take a well deserved relaxing bath only to open the linen closet and find a disaster! Oh the agony!
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    RT @Morgan_nicole1: My closet is a disaster!
  5. Well if you feel the same way here’s a helpful little way to lay out your towels that can make a world of difference.
  6. Roll them up like this:
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  8. Then stack them on top of one another. 
  9. It not only looks really neat (figurative and literally speaking) but has a functional benefit of letting you know instantly how many you have.
  10. You can do the same for linen and pillow cases.
  11. Thanks again for the tip Nicole Crowley
  12. For more tips check out The Handy Andy Pocket Shop
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