An End to the Cleaning Streak

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  2. Stainless steel kitchen appliances really add a stylish modern streak to your home.
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    When I get older I’m gonna have a gigantic kitchen WITH stainless steel appliances and cook and bake the sweetest things ever man..
  4. Unfortunately though there is another streak that is their claim to infamy.
  5. There is nothing more frustrating than cleaning stainless steel only to return moments later finding the evidence of your efforts streaked across its surface. Its a vicious cycle!
  6. So today’s tip comes from Heloise
  7. “Mix one teaspoon of Handy Andy cream with one quart of hot tap water not forgetting to wear gloves to protect your hands from the heat. 
  8. Then using a clean microfiber cloth, rub the detergent solution onto the marks in small sections, going with the grain; rinse with clean hot water only, and dry immediately with a clean cloth. To work, this may take some elbow grease.”
  9. Thanks Heloise
  10. For more tips check out The Handy Andy Pocket Shop.
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