New Age Solution to an Age Old Issue

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  2. How many of us have shared the same experience?
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    Once again went into town and bought everything BUT what I went in for in the first place #hopeless
  4. Most experienced household caretakers like Nicole Crowley (see like below) would recommend that to avoid such situations we get a note pad placed in its own specific place accompanied by a writing utensil where we can jot daily reminders of what we need to get from the shop. That way we can construct and prioritize our shopping routine to save time, money and energy without the worry of forgetting important items.
  5. I think this is a great tip but why buy a note pad and put it in a specific place when we all have note pads in a pockets, our cellphones! So I’m saying, yes jot down daily what you need on your weekly shopping list but don’t go through the effort of searching for your note pad and pen when you can whip out your mobile and record a digital list. 
  6. For more helpful hints around the household check out The Handy Andy Pocket Shop
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