Don’t Always Go Discount

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  2. I know we’re in a ‘recession’ and a lot of the tips suggested have been about saving pennies where we can but there are some household items that we just really can’t afford to go discount on. 
  3. 1.  Kitchen Garbage Bags – Don’t be lured into buying those discounted mimic garbage bags they are not as good or strong and will break (I am sure you feel frustration just thinking about the messy outcome).
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    RT @waitpusha216: My rich ass cousin just broke the garbage bag and says it what was the worst thing she’s ever encountered in her life #firstworldproblem
  5. Rather pay the little bit extra for trusty sturdy bags – they’ll hold more and won’t tear!
  6. 2. Toilet Paper – I really don’t think I need to get into the specifics here.
  7. Thanks to Nicole Crowley for the tip.
  8. For more household hints and tips be sure to check out The Handy Andy Pocket Shop
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