Keep Your Cuddle Buddies in Top Working Condition

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  2. Teddy bears have a demanding vocation. Their job description includes:
  3.  – Being cuddly on any occasion.
  4.   – Well versed in all baby dialects.
  5.   – Settling temper tantrums.
  6.  – Willing to be a volunteer for any childish experimentation.
  7. All to be conducted with a constant smile whilst confronted with the daily occupational hazards of sticky food and drink stains, not to mention vomit, blemishing their winter coat.
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    It’s been a rough night for Teddy Bear – so glad I have @SarahHSUS to call when I’m not sure if I need an emergency vet visit.
  9. Luckily for our fluffy friends Nicole Crowley provides a great tip on how we can ensure that all bed time buddies can be well washed, dried and returned in top condition to perform their nap time cuddling duties.
  10. ” 1.  Put the stuffed animal in a pillow case.
  11.   2.  Close the pillow case with a rubber band.
  12.   3.  Put it in in the washer, run it.
  13.   4.  Put it (still in the pillow case) in the dryer and It will come out looking like new 🙂 “
  14. For more great tips check out The Handy Andy Pocket Shop
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