How to Make Potpourri

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  2. Potpourri is a great way to not only bring the sweet fragrances from nature into your home but the rich, warm, inviting colours as well. 
  3. First pick some flowers just as the buds open, preferably on a dry day after the dew has evaporated, to maximise their fragrance.
  4. Partly dry the flowers by laying them on absorbent material such as blotting paper or cheesecloth.
  5. After 2-3 days, when the petals have shrunk and are half dry, layer them alternately in a jar of salt.
  6. Leave the petals in the jar for a fortnight, stirring the salt daily. The petals should become dry and crumbly. 
  7. Add the fixative (usually orris root from a chemist), spices and essential oils, and seal the jar.
  8. Leave for about 6 weeks to mature.
  9. The potpourri is then ready to be placed in small bowls to be distributed around the house. You can also pack it in sachets to place them in clothes draws, between sheets in the linen cupboard or between pillows.
  10. This is just one of the methods to make potpourri. For more information check out this link. 
  11. or keep checking The Handy Andy Pocket Shop for more household tips
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