Everything Clean…but the Kitchen Sink.

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  2. So you’ve cleaned everything in the house right? Everything but the kitchen sink! Not ensuring that your drain is constantly clear can result in a nasty clog and horrific plumber bill. 
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    uhh ohh @baby_ayooo i hope you got some gloves like last year because our drain is getting clogged again #sick
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    OH, good! A busted water pipe in my front yard! $300 water bill? Probably! $1000 for a plumber? Most likely! Fun times for everyone!
  5. These situations are easily avoided with a couple solutions.
  6. Boil 250ml of white vinegar and pour it down the drain. Cover the drain lightly for a few minutes, then flush it thoroughly with cold water.
  7. Pour a handful of bicarbonate of soda into the drain and add 125ml of white vinegar. Cover the drain for several minutes, then flush with plenty of cold water.
  8. A very similar technique is clearly demonstrated on this short youtube clip.
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  10. For more household hints check out The Handy Andy Pocket Shop
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