At Long Last the Long Weekend is Here…

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  2. At long last the long weekend has arrived and its time to set off on an holiday adventure that will surely see stress dissolve away. 
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    Durban this weekend !!! who’s going away for the long weekend ?
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    Going away for the weekend after a long ass week.
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    @Tifany68 yay! Holidays are SO good! Everything’s good here 🙂 heading away for the long weekend to the beach. Yip! You going anywhere?
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    Going away for the weekend tomorrow with the family. Can’t wait. It’s long overdue.
  7. But with all the excitement and anticipation for your much needed vacation have you ensured that your home is taken good care off?

    Here is a Holiday Checklist for your home’s well-being.
    Request that a friend or family member look after your house in your absence. If this is not a possibility then maybe ask a neighbor (if you know them well enough) just to keep an eye on the house for you, to do a bit of watering and feeding the animals. If none of the above are options you could hire a house-sitter for the weekend.

    If you cannot take your animal companions with you then arrange to have your pets left in the care of family or friends, or check them into a pet hotel.

    Arrange with family or friends (or install an timer) to have your lights switched on for a while at night and off in the day. (the municipality would love you for this.)

    Ensure that there is someone to water your garden or that the sprinkler system is set and in good working condition before you leave.

    Make a list of all you are taking with you, so that you can make sure everything is clean and in working order. Tick off the list as you complete jobs.
  8. So once that is all covered you can fully focus on the holiday ahead. If you would like a comprehensive checklist for all your travel essentials be sure to check out this webpage.
  9. For more Top Tips for the home check out The Handy Andy Pocket Shop
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