Cleaning your shoes…step by step.

  1. Polishing your shoes may seem like a victorian practice these days but you have to admit some serious 21st century swagger is added to your step when you know you are decked right down from top to toe tip. These guys know what I mean…
  2. just polished my shoes, not gonna lie I’m pretty proud of myself! 🙂 #selfconfidenceboost
  3. You guys think your cool with your fancy handshakes???????
    #clean your shoes man !
  4. So maybe it’s time you gave your shoes some of that T.L.C. but not to the same extent as this guy …
  5. …just seems fanatic and it looks like far too much effort. I have instead, a simple 5 steps that’ll give your kicks some serious shine!

    Step 1: Using
    your trusted Handy Andy cream and warm water clean off any excess grit and
    grime from the shoes.


    Step 2: Apply
    good quality polish evenly with brush over the whole shoe being careful not get
    polish on the bottom of the sole.


    Step 3: Give
    them a few moments to dry. Then run some cold water over the bristles of a
    brush and lightly scrub the whole shoe to semi harden the polish (buffing.)


    Step 4: Wrapping
    a cold dampened cloth around your index and middle fingers rub in a circular
    motion focusing on areas like the toe and heal.


    Step 5: Finish
    off with a clean dry soft cloth polishing them over.


    revel in the satisfaction of a flawless execution… this guy knows what I mean….

  6. But now that it’s clean again…… Yeah, shoes off at the door. My Grandmother would be proud of me. Lol
  7. Remember this is not only great for your Sunday leather bests but also a perfect way to put that kick back into your soccer boots and spring into your trainers.
  8. Also, don’t forget to check out the Handy Andy Pocket Shop for more top tips.
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