All Up in Your Grill

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  2. The long weekend is fast approaching which can only mean one thing. Take out the tongs and wheel out the Weber it’s braai time… woop!
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    Um a little braai time me thinks. #springtime
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    Looking forward to the long weekend. Braai, potjie , playing games, relaxing, enjoying friends and looking forward to see me long lost friend Loretta……
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    eish going out 4 the whole weekend. Friends, braai nd mny more.
  6. Now we know that cleaning the braai can seem like a schlep but you don’t want someone all up in your grill about the condition of your braai do you? No worries though because Handy Andy cream is the perfect solution. 

    Simply soak your braai in Handy Andy cream and warm
    water, scrub with a brush and rinse well to remove the grease. Leave out in the sun to dry before reassembling and your good-to-go.

    You can also check out this video on how to keep your braai in great condition all year round.
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    How to Clean a Barbeque Grill and Grill Grates
  8. Here’s the braai master himself bulking up in preparation for a consecutive victory at The Masters.
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  10. Oh and guys don’t forget your South African braai etiquette…
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    South African Braai Etiquette
  12. For more useful tips check out the Handy Andy Pocketshop
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