Rings Stains, a Nuisance No Longer.

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  2. Ahhh ring stains right?! No matter if we take every precaution some fool always manages to ‘forget’ to place a coaster between their heated drink and your precious wooden table. The result? One of the most stubborn little stains! But all is not lost … You have 2 options.

    Firstly there is the Hong Yi approach to stains. Why remove when you can create? Check out this clip on how Hong Yi, a contemporary malaysian artist, uses just a cup and saucer and an endless supply of coffee to produce a stunning Jay Chou portrait.
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    Red – Jay Chou Portrait with Coffee Cup Stains 用咖啡漬畫周傑倫
  4. So if you, like Yi, have an artist spark and a willingness to dedicate 12 hours straight (aided no doubt by copious amounts of caffeine) to transforming that single stain into a magnificent masterpiece dedicated to your favourite celebrity, by all means go ahead. You too could be the next hot topic on twitter!
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    I just love coffee- and car-related art. This Jay Chou portrait takes #coffee art to the next level! ow.ly/9RjHg
  7. …and then for all us other mortals there is an easier way to be rid of that tenacious little blemish tarnishing your beloved furniture. Here’s a clip demonstrating a simple technique only using a towel and a hot iron to finally be rid of that pesky ring. 
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    How to remove steam stain from table.
  9. For more top tips on furniture upkeep be sure to visit The Handy Andy Pocket Shop
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