Ants Everywhere? Get an Anteater…or Listen Up.

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  2. I do have a lot of respect for ants. Their resilience, solidarity
    and steady resolve are just another marvel of nature to be admired …but that’s where I’d
    like it to stay! Why do they have to mysteriously marvel their way into our homes and
    particularly our kitchens?! I would say that most people share my sentiment…

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    Ants. Everywhere. GO AWAYYYYY
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    Why does it seem like Midland has ants everywhere? #gross
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    Waking up to a nightmare about ants crawling all over my body From head to toe Living amongst my bed everywhere yet unnoticeable #terrified
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    There’s ants in my computer..what am I gonna do?
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    Great way to start my morning: Loads of ants everywhere.
  8. So I have the solution…you can either get that pet anteater you have always wanted. 
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    There are ants everywhere!!!!!!! Anteater Wanted! Must have at least a year of experience.
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  11. …aww so cute right?
  12. Or … you could try making a tea of tobacco grains or dust: 10 ml tobacco to 250 ml boiling water, and sweeten it with sugar or honey (which will attract the ants). Place the mixture in a saucer near where the ants gain entry. This will attract and kill the intruders.
  13. But if killing just isn’t your thing then here are some other natural methods to deviate their household conquests.
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    How To Get Rid Of Ants Naturally
  15. So now ants can really be appreciated the way nature intended it … OUTSIDE!
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    Amazing Ants of Costa Rica
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